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Welcome to healthy skin!

So we all want beautiful , healthy, vibrant, lively skin, but how do to we not only achieve these results but maintain them. Well I'll be honest there is no ONE plain answer. Because we are all different and many different factors play a part finding the correct combination of products, routine, and lifestyle will take time and PATIENCE ! Patience and consistency are the two major factors, however every little thing can affect your skin. Did you eat greasy food, did you drink enough water, did you change your pillow cases, did you hold your phone to your face. And that is just to name a few. Then if you dive a little deeper, are there any hormone imbalances. So lets focus on the outside and immediate factors that cause less then desirable skin first.

How much water are you drinking? Rule of thumb, you want to divide your body weight by 2 in ounces and that's the amount of water you should be drinking daily. If you are active it perfectly fine to increase the amount of water.

Next, what kinds of foods are you eating? Are you eating processed foods, lots of sugary, starchy foods? That is another factor. Ever hear the saying you are what you eat? Well its true. What we consume on a daily basis tend to show up on our skin. So think about switching out the greasy burger for a smoothie or salad. Your skin will thank you.

Lets also talk about environment, are you changing you pillowcases? Disinfecting you cellphone? Continually touching you faces with dirty hands? These are behaviors you want to try to get rid of. These practices are increasing the bacteria that causes acne on your skin. Last factor that I would like to touch on is products. Are you using the right products for you skin type? Well lets first start with identifying your skin type. Researching and finding an esthetician is just like finding a hairstylist or brow lady, you want to make sure they are capable and understand what you're looking for. An esthetician can do a full skin consultation with you identifying what your skin type is and what skin conditions you may have. Most times what leads us to using the wrong products is not knowing what our skin type is. Finding the right products and routine, making healthy life choices usually put us on the right track to healthier skin.

But what about when you've done all of these things correctly and you're not seeing the results you'd like. Next step my advice would be to go to the doctor and find out if there are any internal factors such as hormone imbalances. Internal factors can be the reason you're not meeting your goals and I would recommend getting yourself checked out and working from the inside out.

A few tips to stick to; keeping up with your appointments with your esthetician, following your routine, being consistent, staying patient and remaining positive.

Until next time,

Your fave esthetician,

Jasmine of Au_Retreats

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